Submission of materials service


Abbreviation of Digital Collection, it is a digital knowledge information circulation system over the country to have the best condition for the research of production and circulation on Academic information. When a writer of dissertation logs into the university dCollection system and register/submit documents, it offers to the academic researcher with digitalized documentation.


What is CCL?

Creative Common’s copyright license and tools are balanced by copyright law based on traditional “All rights reserved”. This kind of tools offers standard method for individual writers, huge companies and institutions to earn the copyright on using allowance for their creations.


Submission guide

First, Need the submitter’s procedure to submit a dissertation. After completion with the submitter’s procedure, the user is possible to submit the dissertation to the Collection which administrator has selected. Submission of materials proceeds with four steps ‘Insert information of submitter > Insert Metadata > Copyright agreement > register the manuscript’. When the submitted dissertation is confirmed by the administrator, the user is allowed by the administrator to use the service.